Sunday, February 11, 2018

InCoWriMo Update

I received my first letter from the InCoWriMo website where I had entered my name and address in their international Address Book.  Isn't that some lovely writing and mail art? I just love a decorated envelope (and, really, any mail that's personal is appreciated!).
Interestingly, the author chose to select someone who has the same name as her. I love that idea! I've been doing random searches by scrolling and then stopping and selecting one of the names that are presented in that screenshot. Sometimes I choose one from outside the US, but mostly I've selected names from the US.

How about you? Are you participating in #InCoWriMo this year?

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Timdani said...

I'm not doing InCoWriMo. I've never done that but I keep seeing people posting about it. I am doing Lettermo though, and things (other than me posting) are going nicely. I'm slowly catching up on my mail!