Friday, May 18, 2018

Pilot Fountain Pen Review

I recently purchased this affordable fountain pen to add to my small fountain pen collection. I don't use fountain pens too often but I'm trying to improve my skill level and comfort with them, so I selected the Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen.
The pen was less than $13 on Amazon. The description calls it a medium nib, but it looks and writes more like a fine point to me. I usually prefer fine point pens but had opted for a medium nib to change things up a bit.
The pen comes with both a converter and an ink cartridge. So far I've only used the converter as I have so many bottles of ink (14 and counting).
In the images below I used Private Reserve Ink Bottle Copper Burst which is a lovely shade of brown.
The pen writes smooth, but I've found that it skips occasionally causing me to have to go back and rewrite a letter.
There is no bleed thru in the Moleskin notebook, but you can see the outline of the words through the paper. The weight and feel of the pen are good - not too heavy and not too light. I find the smooth barrel of the pen beckons to me from its perch when I'm using a different writing instrument. Each pen has a different purpose. Not all are meant for every day use.
Overall, the pen writes fairly decent, and for the price it is a good buy.
I haven't tried the ink cartridge and probably won't for awhile as I have so many bottles of ink to dip into. I'm glad to be back to having a hand fountain pen at my desk and may look at what it will take to get my others out of their boxes.

What's your favorite writing pen these days?

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