Friday, July 24, 2009

Missive Maven

The Missive Maven is one of my favorite blogs on letter writing. She sends and receives the coolest mail and she includes photos that show you her fun cool mail. And, I've found that if you send her something, she will most likely post about it and send something back to you! How cool is that?

She's also got a ton of cool links on her site that will take you to all kinds of other interesting blogs, mostly on letter writing, stationery, postcards, stamps. I love it!

Miss Maven also did a blog on my letter writing and journal surveys and I got a lot of people saying they found the surveys through her blog. Thanks, Ilona!


Sam said...

Oh, I love that stamp! :)

The Missive Maven said...

Thanks for the link and the props! I appreciate it.

Strikethru said...

That's a real stamp? I love Olivia.

Jackie Flaherty said...

Yes, it's a real stamp. There was a collection of children's literature ones for .39. The Missive Maven has written about where to get these types of stamps. Here is the link the story.
I've been getting them about 3 years now. I love it!