Saturday, February 11, 2012

Letter Links Feb. 11

It's amazing how much time can be spent going from one awesome blog to the next reading and sharing what's going on in various little corners of the world! In my most recent wanderings, I found these fun, creative and inspiring blog posts.
Inaugural Rhodia Journal Swap by Julie at Whatever
Seeing Red by Pamela at Cappuccino and Art Journal
Writing on the Wall by Cheryl at Cheryl's Excellent Adventures
Week 4 of Weekly Doodles by Mark at Diary Doodle Books
Lost Crates February 2012 by Diane at Pocket Blonde
(Most of) My Notebook Collection by Economy Pens

Like many, I need to monitor my time online so that I don't spend hours at a time living vicariously through others. Because what is the point of that?