Friday, September 2, 2016

Stamp Box

Besides mail, my other great love is books, which translates to bookstores, libraries, books about books, most anything to do with reading. Like this little gem with the image of the girl reading a book under a tree.
I found this small, wooden, compact-like container at a gift shop when a friend (fellow book lover, Debra) and I stopped there on a day trip to northern Minnesota. We visited Gooseberry Falls, Agate Beach, Duluth and the Two Harbors Light House. We each decided we had to have one and now both of us have a cute, book-related keepsake of our trip.
I have mine sitting on my desk where I've stored a few loose stamps.
It's a nice reminder of a recent memory as well as a useful storage box for very small things, such as these holiday themed stamps from yesteryear.