Sunday, April 27, 2014

Send Mail - Get Mail

You know the old adage, 'You need to send mail to get mail'? Well, I've decided to have some fun with these new stamps I just received from Errol M in CA who sells unused older stamps at face value.

Send me some mail and I will send you some mail. Maybe a postcard or a note card or a letter. Depends on my mood. I've got them all and could probably send one a day for a year and not have to buy any cards or postcards. (But you know I will!)

I asked for cartoons and a few famous people by name. You can see I received Alfred Hitchcock and Lucille Ball (no Greta Garbo).
I also requested ocean and underwater stamps, as well as Greetings from the US state stamps.
Who doesn't love this stamp of the Red Barron?
These cartoon stamps are perfect for a postcard - or a letter. Which will you receive? Send me a letter, postcard or note card and find out!
You can request the stamp you like that I will use on your return letter, note card or postcard. There are no guarantees that you'll get it, but I'll try my best. You may want to put a back-up selection in your request.

Send your mail to:

Jackie Flaherty
PO Box 120052
St. Paul, MN 55112

If you'd like to order your own stamps, contact Errol by emailing him at ELMurphy (at) cox (dot) net and tell him the amount you'd like to spend and the themes/assortment you would like. Then he will confirm your order and give you his mailing address where you can send a check. Once received, he will get your order off to you!