Sunday, January 25, 2015

Flow- A Paper Magazine

I recently discovered Flow Magazine, a magazine for paper lovers that originates from the Netherlands. The magazine is thick, printed on heavier paper stock and also has an assortment of goodies that can be taken out of the magazine. Paper, a gratitude journal and an envelope (ostensibly for an advertiser , but I will craft for what I need.)

Flow is more than just about paper. They highlight articles on happiness and simple pleasures, creativity, nostalgia. Some of their department headings include:

Live Mindfully
Inspiring Lives
Feel Connected

About half of the articles appealed to me (pens, Japanese papers, The Artist's Way workshop) while many others did not, but that's about the same as any magazine.

You can see a preview of parts of the magazine on the Flow website as well as on the free online magazine site Issuu.

How Flow began (from their website):
The best things happen when you dare to follow your heart. And that’s exactly what we did when we hatched this idea for a new Dutch magazine in an attic room several years ago. We dreamed of a magazine with which we could explore our love of paper. A magazine of unhurried time, all about doing things differently and making new choices. Small happiness, daily life and the beauty of not always managing to be perfect. That is how Flow began. Flow is all about positive psychology, mindfulness, creativity and the beauty of imperfection. We love illustrations and in each issue there is a gift made of our much-loved paper. We print the magazine itself on different types of paper.

A magazine on paper. I think I'm hooked! Unfortunately, at a cost of $22.50, I'm not sure I'll purchase each of the future ones. Maybe I'll sit in the coffee area of the local Barnes & Noble and peruse at my leisure. Sometimes that's good enough.