Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Recent Stationery Purchase

Recent stationery purchases at Target include a fine point pen from Write Dudes, a staple bound notebook and a 3-ring binder designed by John Derian, whom I had not heard of before, but apparently has a Field Notes or Cabinet of Curiosities type of motif. Very cool.

The notebook cover has a picture of a string holding together various notebooks and evokes a late 19th or early 20th century feel to it.
The notebook has smooth lined pages and is staple bound. I haven't written on the paper yet so cannot describe how the pen and paper work together. I'm deciding what purpose to give the notebook. I have a book journal where I list all the books I read or listen to. I have a 5-year daily journal from Levenger where each page has a snippet of the day's happenings so that as each year passes, I can see what was going on the previous year. I have a journal of goals and inspiring quotes. I have an idea journal which I have spoken about in the past. I will have to put this (for now) with my other journals and notebooks waiting for a home/purpose.
The pen is a surprisingly smooth writer with a nice fine point, which I prefer. Below is writing sample of the  pen. (The green ledger paper was a garage sale find for a quarter.)
 Fun new items are not always found at exotic stationery stores or warehouse-like office supply stores. Sometimes they are found at the local big box store. And heaven knows a person can never have too many pens or notebooks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Letters & Journals Magazine Update

The launch of the print version of Letters & Journals is scheduled for 2011. It's been a long time in research and planning and the challenge in 2010 has been to build a following of potential subscribers.

To date we have a list of 2,300 names of possible subscribers/buyers. Our goal is to get 5,000 names. Once we have a list of 5,000 names then we will begin approaching advertisers and following up with the ones who have already expressed interest (thank you!).

If you know some people or groups who would be interested, please encourage them to sign up for the website, the e-newsletter or just let me know to add them to my Magazine Updates Only list. None of the lists are being sold or shared and there is no obligation.

Thanks to the many loyal followers who offer their encouragement and share in the excitement of all the things that Letters & Journals represents; pens, paper, ink, pencils, notebooks, diaries, journals, note cards, stationery, mail art, pen pals, postcards, mail, stamps, letters, ephemera, etc.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My New Writing Desk

In my garage sale and flea market travels, I sometimes come across an item that fits just right in my stationery filled world. Such a one is this writing desk that I bought for $15. I wasted no time filling those cubbyholes with recently received letters, set out my ink bottles and a glass pen I had been experimenting with (not successfully).

The drawers I filled with stationery, stamps and other ephemera. Oh the joy of it all! I experimented with adding some blank books and journals in the corner as you can see below. I liked how they looked and decided to keep them there.

The unfortunate part is that I have no room in my office, so the new desk sits in the living room. That will work for now. Maybe at some point I will make changes to my office/craft room and incorporate the writing desk at the expense of something else. And, of course, it will need a special chair. Maybe on my next outing.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October Stationery Giveaway

The Letters & Journals October Stationery Giveaway has some new and awesome stationery goodness to offer. There are two journals (Crane and Elum), a 3-pack of Ecojot notebooks, 1 Regreet greeting kit, Bella Ink stationery set, J. Herbin Violette Pensee (Exaclair), 3 Sakura Gelly Roll pens (metallic), and Flying Wish Paper (large). Thanks to the generous sponsors for their wonderful donations!

Such confections of stationery bliss can be yours in one of two ways:

1. You are signed up for the free Letters & Journals monthly e-newsletter
2. You are put on the mailing list for information regarding the premiere edition when that information is available (No subscriptions yet- just a heads up on the status of the print edition) Send info here.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stationery Store Database

Letters & Journals is building a database of stationery stores in the US and Canada. Do you have a favorite stationery or office supply store? Do you have a friend who has their own letter press card store? Maybe you are a stationery store owner? We are planning to have the most comprehensive list of stationery/office supplies stores and need your help to send in your store information (address or website URL).

Anthology (Madison, WI)

The September LetterNews first mentioned this request to help create the database and there was an immediate response from subscribers listing their favorite stores. These are still in the process of being added. (Thanks to all of you who sent them in so quickly!)

Please leave a comment or send an email to add your favorite store. Later we plan to add reviews and photos to the stores to help others plan their shopping, planning, dreaming excursions. I don't know about you, but I can hardly wait!

Friday, October 1, 2010

September Stationery Giveaway Winner

The Missive Maven is the winner of the September Stationery Giveaway! Congratulations, Ilona! Hope you enjoy (or can share) all of the goodies headed your way!

September's generous sponsors were:
Flying Wish Paper
Crane Notecards
Regreet Card Organizer
Regreet Starter Kit
2 Gelly Roll Pens (Sakura)
Quo Vadis Blue Journal
Pennant Magazine