Thursday, April 22, 2010

Name the Newsletter and Get a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Letters & Journals will have a weekly newsletter and I'd like it to have its own name. I will pay the person who submits the chosen name a $50 Amazon gift card OR a $50 Jet Pens gift card.  You decide. Here are a few ideas that are close, but not quite right.
Notebook News
Pen & Ink Newsletter
Weekly Inkling (already taken)
Since it's for both letters and journals, it's too limiting to have something like Letter Writers' Weekly or The Journal Keeper.

As a last resort, I will go with Letters & Journals Weekly or Letters & Journals Newsletter. But I would prefer to have a newsletter with its own brand.

You can email me Jackie or leave a comment. You can help by spreading the word too. Thanks!
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j3nnif3r said...

I say...
"Sheets happen" (or "Sheet happens")
(uh, is it too crazy? XD)
"Paper joy"

Tom said...

L & J Today

Angela said...

How about "The Inkwell"?

James said...

Gah! I was just about to post "the inkwell"! But, as Angela came up with it first, I offer "the loose leaf," and "the next page."

Mike Lambert said...

The Mightier Pen, ink blotter, Putting Pen to Paper, blotter inc., ink from the well, inks inc., are a few that come to mind.

Erin said...

The Write Stuff (probably already taken)
Writing Now
Pen and Ink Weekly
The Weekly Writer
Scribe's Weekly
Inky News
Personal Post
Journal Jive
Post and Journal
Stamps and Locks (stamps for the letters, locks for the journals)
The Quiet Quill
The Questing Quill

ellsworth said...

How about:

The written word weekly

Jackie Flaherty said...

These are some great ideas! I've got a couple favorites already. Thanks for the awesome feedback!

Mohit said...

The Pen, ink blotter, Putting Pen to Paper, blotter inc., ink from the well, inks inc., are a the gft which rarely aby i=one can now its amazing to know abt these type of gift. There are amazing Gift letter in

Peggy said...

How about:

Ink Spot News
The Scribe's Notes
Scribble & Chatter
Ink & Scribble
Notes & News

MarcWomm said...

What about a combination the two words Letter and Journal.
Such as "The LetterNal" or "The Joutter"

sarah striker said...

Hey. I just happened to stumble upon this and have a small suggestion: you could steal the name of Tolkien's group, the Inklings.

Just a thouht :)

Anonymous said...
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Jan said...

Jottings & Journaling
The Weekly Muse
Missives & Memoirs

(Hope this doesn't post twice but it seemed to mess up the first time I tried.)

Cindy said...
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Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

Write On


Paper Opus

Belles Lettres (French phrase that means beautiful letters or beautiful or fine writing.)

Cindy said...

p.s. I think there is supposed to be a hyphen in Belles-Lettres

The Missive Maven said...

(a play on newsletter)

Jackie Flaherty said...

I'm getting excited about some of these. Will play around with them and see what sticks! Also had some email suggestions. Will hopefully decide in a week or two.

A BIG thanks!


chrisg said...

What about "Inky Fingers"

Jackie Flaherty said...

Thanks to all! I didn't forget about you. It just took me awhile to decide which of the many that I liked.

I'm going with LetterNews as suggested by Missive Maven. Thanks, Ilona, I will contact you to see which gift card you prefer.

Thanks again, everyone!

The Missive Maven said...

It's my lucky day!!!