Sunday, January 22, 2017

Faber-Castell Store (Part 2)

It was a cool and overcast day when I spent part of the morning shopping at the Faber-Castell shop located near their corporate office on their castle grounds in Stein, Germany.
There were many display cases of pens and pencils and part of the charm of this particular morning, was taking my time, trying out an assortment of writing instruments and finding just what I was looking for that day.
The employees were very friendly and helpful. While I was there I heard them speaking German, French and English. Impressive.
As you can in these pictures the store offers many opportunities for visitors to try out the different pens throughout the store.
Colored pencils galore! They can be purchased individually or in sets. Love all the colors in this photo.
 Goodbye, Fabe-Castell store, until next time!
You can read about my visit to the castle grounds in this blog post. In part 3, I will post pictures of what I bought that day. Stay tuned.