Sunday, February 14, 2010

Contest Winner is Melissa!

Congratulations, Melissa (entry/comment #1). You are the winner of the hard cover book, 'Yours Ever' as donated by Random House for the Valentine's Day drawing! I will send an email asking for your mailing address.

Thanks to the others who entered. Julie had two entries- one for the comment and one for the twitter. Thanks!

Happy Valentine's Day!

(Photo Credit: I took this on Saturday as I left the local library)


Laura - Layers of Color said...

Hi Jackie!
I met you at CHA. My daughter and I were doing demos with our art stamps. I'd love to hear more about your Letter & Journals magazine.
Have a colorful day!~

Jackie Flaherty said...

Hello Laura! Nice to hear from you! I can email you some of the information on L&J and where we're at with the website and magazine.