Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keeping a Monthly Journal

I'm not always good about writing in a daily journal, but I have found a way to keep track of the highlights of the month. I find a photo that I like in a magazine, on the web or just one of my own and I insert it into a word document, add some blank lines and a month/year and PRESTO!

I've been doing this since 2006. I start with a new folder each year for the current months, but when the year is over I add them to a folder that contains all of the previous years.

The monthly highlights journal doesn't have a lot of detail. Some of the entries might read:
  • David's Graduation
  • Fenced our yard
  • Olivia Grace was born 
  • Start planning for Australia 
As we get older and the years and events blend together, I have found that this is a useful and creative way to track the highlights of our month/year.


Note Booker, Esq. said...

My lack of journaling is not for lack oof time, it's lack of interesting things to write on a day to day basis. But I like your idea, because I'm pretty sure even I could come up with four interesting highlights in any given month. OK, maybe only three. Surely two. Alright, alright, I admit it, most months it hovers between zero and one.

But then some of my months would look like this:

2 Jet Pen Orders
1 Goulet Pens Order
1 trip to Flax

Hey, that's exciting!

Anonymous said...

A very interesting thought. I do not journal daily but when I do, I can fill pages ....
However, it would still be nice to capture certain things when they actually happen as sometimes emotions can be pretty different at the time compared to a few day later when writing about them.