Saturday, June 9, 2018

One Million Lovely Letters

Jodi Ann Bickley began writing letters to strangers while trying to overcome challenging health issues and depression that she suffered from after having a stroke and a brain infection at age 23 in 2011.
She set up a website and asked people to email her if they wanted her to write them a letter. She asked them to tell her what they were going through so that she could reply to them and their issue (ill health, losing a home or loved one, unexplained sadness - you get the idea). Soon she had hundreds and then thousands of emails asking her to send them a letter.

She found her purpose. At least for now. At least to get her through her current life challenge. Isn't that something we all want and look for? Serving a purpose.

Then she had a book and received even more requests. Now she has a team of helpers so they can reach even more people.
One Million Lovely Letters: When life is looking hopeless, one inspirational letter can change your life forever

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