Thursday, September 24, 2009

Help with the Tagline

I'm looking for help in deciding the wording and order of the tagline you see in the Letters & Journals image to the right. Currently it reads:

Mail Art
Handwritten Letters

Although there may may be an occasional feature on Mail Art, I don't think there will be a regular dept, so I'm thinking I will shorten that to Mail.

I also wonder if I should change Handwritten Letters to either Letters or else Correspondence?

And what do you think of the words Pen & Ink?

I am leaning towards the following. What do you think or suggest?

Pen & Ink

Thanks for your help! Please forward this on to any you think may have an opinion.


PostMuse said...

I'm not a fan of the word "blog" but I love, love, love Pen & Ink. And Letters instead of Handwritten Letters works for me. I just don't know about "blog." Such an ugly word! Keeping it at the end is probably the best solution because it really has to be there. Love, love, love the masthead though!

Julie aka Okami said...

I like Correspondence and Pen & Ink - agree with PostMuse on "blog"

School Supplies Sleuth said...

I like them all too- but I love correspondence! Question, how are you distinguishing between Diaries and Journals?

I love the title's font, so cute. Very exciting stuff!

The Missive Maven said...

Love Pen & Ink. That showcases an important accessory angle, I think.

I agree with other comments - blog is an ugly word. I'd be careful about incorporating it into design, as technology words tend to change faster than the old-fashioned sort. Who knows - it could be outdated before you know it.

I will advocate for handwritten letters. It has its own ambiance. And "letters" - that could be a letter from a lawyer, or a letter of the alphabet... and I admit I'm jaded, because some of my correspondents type their letters (on computers), and somehow those hardly feel like proper letters to me.

I do like correspondence, though it has a whiff of business to it.

Totally agree about shortening mail art to mail.

Writing this comment makes me realize how very personal all these opinions are, though - we all have our own different connotations with the verbiage. Thanks for asking!

teabird said...

I wonder if the word "epistle" could be in there - it's different from "correspondence," less business-like.

I'm also not sure you want to distinguish between journals and diaries, but I can't say which I like better.

I'd be so disappointed if "pen and ink" was not in the list!

Blogs. bleh.

The Missive Maven said...

Ooh, epistle! I love it!

PostMuse said...

I like epistle, too. And epistolary.

Jackie Flaherty said...

Thanks, all, for your thoughtful comments. I'm much closer to deciding.

Thank you!