Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Letters & Journals Magazine Update

I bought this Moleskin planner for 2010 and am excited for the changes, adventures, thrills of this magazine venture as the journey continues. With 2009 coming to its closing quarter next month, I am making preparations for the next steps of the magazine for the end of this year and into 2010.

Over at the survey blog I removed the survey links I had been using to send people to Survey Monkey for the letter writing and journal writing surveys. I will leave the surveys up on Survey Monkey until the end of Sept. 2009 for the links that are still floating around the web and also in old posts.

Thanks to you and many others I collected almost 300 survey responses! And a big THANKS to all of you who passed the survey links along. I never would have gotten so many if you hadn't.

By the end of 2009 I expect to get a sample copy of the magazine printed and will start approaching potential advertisers. In early 2010 work will begin on the website.


sara said...

I am jealous!

What size did you get? I am looking forward to getting one for next year as well. This year I tried 2 different sizes and figured out what worked best for me. I am so smitten with the Moleskines, it's sorta scary! Did it come with stickers (I read that it had adhesive labels)?

Jackie Flaherty said...

It's 5x8 weekly planner. I didn't find any adhesive stickers although there is a place for 8 tabs in the back. This is my first Moleskin day planner. I like that the days are on the left and the lined paper is on the right. I tried to photograph the pages but the lighting kept making it look a dull yellow.