Sunday, April 18, 2010

Faerie Magazine

I was fortunate recently to meet Kim, the founder and owner of Faerie Magazine, via email. She has been extremely generous with her time helping to address some of my questions and concerns as I continue to enter realms of editing and publishing.  I have been using this magazine as a guide because it has such a niche audience, just as Letters & Journals will have. I was pleased to see a blog post by Kim that showed a photo and spoke of a letter she recently received that came in a beautiful faerie-like envelope. Enchanting.

Studying the success of those who have gone before you is a useful way to learn from others, the mistakes they learned the hard way and the things they would do differently now, knowing what they know.


Sirpa said...

I'm so much already waiting for your magazine Letters & Journals to be published. - Additionally I should start to find a way to reach it here in Finland :)

Christina Rodriguez said...

That cover illo is amazing. Kudos to Faerie Magazine!