Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Edward Gorey #23

The Edward Gorey postcard collection draws closer to the end with postcard #23 in the 2011 postcard book. Somewhere I must have missed a week as I only have two more after this one.
R is for Raccoon Coat
I'm in the process of mailing postcards to the people who kindly entered the mailbox contests in the Sept/Oct newsletter so I expect that one or two recipients will get one of the Gorey postcards. Others will receive postal museum cards, Minnesota cards, L&J cards or Antarctica postcards.
I've enjoyed having a theme and I'm considering what kind of regular blog updates I can do in 2012. Thoughts?

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Gina said...

Why mess with a good thing? I really liked your idea of sending postcards from your calendar, so I popped over to calendars.com and found there are quite a few calendars with postcards -- something for the non-Gorey lovers in your fan base in 2012, perhaps?