Monday, September 14, 2015

Charlie Brown Christmas Stamps

I'm super excited about the Charlie Brown Christmas stamps that go on sale October 1! I love colorful cartoon stamps and these ones look super, don't you agree?
I was almost 4 years old when the "Charlie Brown Christmas" aired in December 1965, so I grew up watching this perennial favorite.
I can see myself writing more letters and sending more cards just to use more of these delightful stamps.
You can pre-order your stamps now or wait until they go on sale on October 1. Visit USPS to learn more.

What's your favorite holiday stamp?

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Karen said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your new website, and in the meantime am glad you're still posting here. Love FB, but blogging is where it's at for me:) You always motivate me to write more letters! So cool to see the Peanuts stamps for Christmas! I just ordered mine:)

Enjoy your day.