Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Planners for the New Year

A New Year means a new day planner. Or, in my case, four new day planners.
My main planner is the annual Inner Reflections which showcases a beautiful scene for every week of the year as well as an inspirational quote. There is a picture on one page and a weekly schedule on the opposite page. I keep this out at work and fill in to-dos, quotes, ideas, books, reminders, etc. throughout my day. I like to use different colored inks to help break up the monotony of all black or all blue writings.
My second weekly planner is an Edward Gorey Postcard Calendar. There are 26 postcards in this spiral bound planner. I was thinking this would be a useful place to track incoming/outgoing mail with my pen pals, mail artists and postcrossing friends. And throughout the year I will mail Edward Gorey postcards to someone somewhere. Who knows, maybe you.
 By now, you are probably recognizing a theme: I like weekly planners. Here is a Moleskin Weekly Notebook (black) that I recently purchased. In 2010 I had the red version and ended up using that for my personal growth notes- Goals, quotes, action plans, etc. But because I only have that half completed, I will continue using the 2010 red version until it's full. In the meantime, the black 2011 waits patiently to have its purpose declared.
I could use it as a diary, but I already have the 5 year Levenger diary that I started on 1/1/10 and first wrote about Dec. 24, 2009. Looking forward to reading the previous year's entry every time I add a new daily update.

For something to carry in my purse, I chose the Posh Monthly Planner by Andrews McMeel Publishing. This is 6.5" tall and about 4.25" across and is used for more long term planning; appointments, birthdays, weddings, vacations, etc. This monthly calendar, like our family wall calendar, is more of a proactive scheduler rather than a reflective diary type journal.


Okami said...

I love the Edward Gorey postcards - almost bought a set and then decided that I did not need any more at this time. Hope you'll post pics of all the cards as you send them.

aseknc said...

LoL..I have a "thing" for planners too. I'm going to check out the links you shared for these as well...hehehehe

Have fun fillin' 'em up! :o)

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