Friday, December 30, 2011

Letters & Journals Update 2012

As 2012 approaches I wanted to give you an update on the status of Letters & Journals, the print edition. I am still working on bringing this to life in a print format. Some people have recommended to do it as a zine or a digital edition, and although both options have merit, I see something different for the magazine (100 pages, perfect bound, matte cover, etc) so will continue to follow my dream even though it means 'not now.'
I'm taking a break from doing the monthly giveaway and the e-newsletter as I concentrate on my new business. When time allows, I will return to them.

My new job is the publisher of a Natural Awakenings magazine. This is a free monthly publication that is all about healthy lifestyles and a healthy planet. There are 85 of these in the country and starting in March, I will be publishing the Twin Cities (Mpls/St. Paul) edition. Here's a link to the Milwaukee digital edition to give you an idea of the magazine and its content.
Milwaukee January 2012 Edition
My website launched last month and currently I'm in the process of finding 300 locations to carry the free magazine as well as people to advertise in it. Exciting times, but super busy.

I had come across Natural Awakenings last spring when I was looking into print options for Letters & Journals. I was working at an office job (5 yrs) for a wonderful small company in St. Paul, but my job was unexciting and there were no opportunities to grow. I had planned to be working at L&J full time within 1-2 yrs, but time kept going by with nothing happening to get me closer to that goal.
When I came across the Natural Awakenings franchise I started looking into it and I liked what I saw. The free monthly magazine, the support structure, the training, the templates, the best practices of other publishers, the freedom to pick and choose my own topics and covers, etc.

In August I went to training in Naples, FL and then I quit my full time job to devote all of my time to making Natural Awakenings Twin Cities a success. Unlike the 9-5 hours at my office job, I am now working 60-80 hours a week which isn't a problem except that it leaves so little time for L&J fun stuff.
Dolphin mailbox in Naples, FL
But I still want to keep the site going and the plans for the magazine progressing. I just won't be able to put as much time and effort into it as I did previously.

Some people have offered to submit stories to the newsletter so I may do an occasional newsletter as I can get new material and put one together. And I have a few items to give away that donors such as Haley and Richard had donated previously so I will have giveaways here and there.

In the meantime, I am still planning to pursue the print edition of L&J and am keeping my options open and am continuing to add to my growing list of names for those interested in such a product.


AngelonCaffeine said...

Good Luck with the new endevour and a Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jackie and Happy New Year from Britain!
Good luck in your new venture. Glad to hear that it is still your dream to produce L&J in print ... sure your new venture will be a great stepping stone towards this ambition.
Can I ask a small favour please?
I have just launched my own blog so, if you can spare some time to take a look and then maybe introduce it on your own L&J blog list if you approve [what's not to like?] I am at

Jackie Flaherty said...

Thanks for the well wishes!