Saturday, February 7, 2015

Filofax, Tabs and Planners

I was on my weekly Pinterest visit today (twice a week/30 minutes) and as I kept pinning items with TABS in them, I realized that I love TABS! They appeal to some inner organizer in me and I think they're useful and appealing.
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I didn't realize how many types there were, although I probably should have. They were everywhere- scrapbooking, organizers, planners, etc.
Looking to find a bunch of tabs on one page, I did a search for "filofax" and came up with this, which is just the top of the page! (see below)
Pinterest is a visual smorgasbord of images that are just like finding your favorite photos from magazines that you would (maybe still do) cut out and put on your bulletin board. But it gets even better because you can classify (tag) them and put them together by subject.

Here is a quick glance at a handful of my boards.
I have a lot of fun on pinterest and really love to see the creative ideas, wonderful crafts, breathtaking photos and amazingly inspired photos and images from all over.

One of the things I like to find are easy doodles, images to draw so that I can spruce up my journals, letters and envelopes. So I have a board called "Learning to Draw" with many illustrations that mostly look within my doable parameters, i.e., not too hard. But rather than taking time to practice drawing ones I have pinned, I just keep looking for more.
This is why I limit my time on Pinterest. It's just so darned addictive!

In a future blog, I will share some of what I have on my other boards- Mail, Envelopes, Journals and Office Supplies. Oh, the joy of it all!

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