Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun Stamps!

Who doesn't love an envelope decorated with fun stamps? I try to keep an assortment of stamps so that I can dress up the envelopes and postcards as the mood or occasion allows.

I have an envelope of used stamps (see photo) that I will use in my scrapbooking and card making. I used to take all of the stamps off my letters and send to a pen friend who collects them and sends the extras on to charities. But recently I've decided to leave the stamps on and have them be part of the letter's story. I still get enough stamps to send on to Dulcie for her collection and I have plenty of used stamps for my other crafting needs.

I'm curious. What do you do with your old stamps?


PostMuse said...

Often I recycle postage into some other card or postcard. Sometimes I leave it on the envelope if the envelope itself is delightful. And recently I've started using some to decorate my brand new mail journal, where I journal just mail related thoughts.

Jackie Flaherty said...

A mail journal. I love that idea!! Thanks for sharing!


Marti Schrock said...

I do both - I cut off, soak & use in card making. But, if I save the letter or card inside, I leave the stamp on the envelope. You're right - it is a part of the story being told.