Sunday, June 11, 2017

My Visit to the PaperSource Store at Mall of America

A couple weeks ago I visited the PaperSource Store at the Mall of America. I was lucky enough to get a fellow pen enthusiast as my cashier and we spent about thirty minutes sharing information on our fountain pen favorites and preferences.

She introduced me to one of her favorites, a TWSBI, which she had attached to her shirt behind her name badge. She was even kind enough to let me try it.
I purchased a couple Pilot G-tecs, a sheet of decorative paper for bookmaking, a rubber stamp of the #4 (about 2" tall) and some stickers.

I sent my PaperSource helper, a postcard of Letters & Journals later that week.


Anonymous said...

Is your magazine in production??? I've kept an eye out . . .

Fingers crossed.

nanskidrewski said...

I love the look of your magazine. Any information on it? Love your blog!