Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cute Post Office Alert

I have driven by this cute little Post Office in Bayport, MN, many times. If I had more time on this visit I would have stepped inside to see if the inside is as quaint as the outside. Maybe next time.
My pictures do not seem to capture the cuteness of the building. It was hard to snap pictures in between the blur of cars going from I-94 to the south, into historic downtown Stillwater, MN, a few miles to the north. Both towns sit on the Minnesota side of the St Croix River across from Wisconsin.
If I got too close, you couldn't read all of the words, and if I stayed too far away, the building seemed to lose its quaintness.
Just up the road (and across the street) is the Bayport Library, which was new to me so I stopped there too and took some pictures. I absolutely love the rounded window room as shown below.
Doesn't the sitting area look inviting? You can sit and admire the beautiful garden area.
What's a library garden without a statue of a girl (or boy) reading a book?
The tree-lined sidewalk offers a lovely venue to go for a stroll (Hint: Go to the left.)

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Mrs. Duffy said...

What a charming town!